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Hi readers! My name is H.D.M.K. Senadheera. I’m the owner of the ‘Study Tips Lab’ website. I’m an undergraduate engineering student of the faculty of the engineering University of Jaffna. So my country is Sri Lanka. My ultimate target is giving worldwide students excellent study tips to make their life easier. So I can reach students via this website and provide the most proper technics and tricks to students. So stay with Study Tips Lab!


How can I be suitable for this stuff?

Well. I’m not a man who got talents from birth. But I have achieved so many things with my significant effort and technics. Actually, in Sri Lanka, we have to face massive fights to select for a university. Because out of all students the meager amount of students percentage only selected for university. So I have achieved that. As I mention above, I’m not a man who got talents from birth. So I had to make a lot of sacrifices and got a massive effort to come to this state. Especially without tricks and technics, I had tried when I was studying, It may not be able to reach this stage. So I have a vast amount of experience. And I’m still using those things at my university.

That’s not all I have been getting used to teaching my friends what I have learned in the classroom. So it was delightful to me. After my advanced level examinations(After my school journey is over), I have done physics group tuition classes for students. Over 100+ students I have taught before my university entrance. So I have a tremendous amount of experience in studying tips and tricks as a student and as a teacher.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this website, feel free to reach us using our contact us page.


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