How to pass math exam without studying? | step-by-step

You are probably in a tight situation right now. Because if you are searching “how to pass the math exam without studying” in most cases your exam is today or tomorrow morning.

Understand the real case. You can pass by using these techniques, but it does not mean you can get a higher score. So no more nonsense. Let us dive into the topic.

In order to pass the math exam without studying, you have to use mostly your common sense. I will cover this topic by assuming you have at least 2-4 hours.

Because if you are searching this probably, you have that much of time. Even you have not that much time, read this, it will be important you too.


1) Ask someone what are the essential things.

How to pass math exam without studying 1
ask from someone


As I mentioned above, let us assume you have 2-4 hours to the exam. Call one of your friends who is good at maths. Then ask him what the essential things are.

Sometimes your teacher has told you about the paper structure and similar questions from your textbook or other reference materials.

In maths, there are small theory parts, and they need in order to answer some problems. Ask all of these things and also spending 10 minutes on this not worthless.

if you have some time don’t skip this. because you you have to pass math exam without studying.

2) Right down equations in a paper.

How to pass math exam without studying 2


finally, your friend has said something to you. But if you unable to ask from someone, read this, get peace of paper, and write down all the equations that you are guessing.

How to pass math exam without studying 3
theory part


Right down the meanings of symbols also. Then write those small theories that you should remember.

3) Do a couple of problems that are mostly guessing.

How to pass math exam without studying 4

Get a couple of problems that are mostly guessing and do it immediately.


  • Make sure to find answers first before doing the problems. You can find it from your textbook or ask your friend.
  • Do not try new questions which have not answers.

4) Remind equations by writing another paper

How to pass math exam without studying 5

After you finish those questions, write those equations and small theories that you should remember until you can remember them.


  •  Do not look at the equation paper while doing this process.

5) Be relax and confident to pass math exam without studying

First of all, this is the essential thing you should care about. Furthermore, relax your mind, and do not be afraid about the exam. Make a self-confident with you. Always think, “I can pass.” “I can pass.”

If you don’t relax, you will get nothing because you have to pass math exam. but you haven’t been studying.

6) Go to your exam place immediately

How to pass math exam without studying 6

Go to the exam hall before the exam has begun. Then find your place. Then recheck whether you brought every component you need. Check whether you have given a rough sheet. Otherwise, ask for it.

7) Write down everything you remembered in the rough sheet.

Once you get the rough paper, write everything in the rough sheet.

8) Read the whole paper within 5 minutes ( Essential factor to pass math exam )

How to pass math exam without studying 8

Now, this is one of the crucial tasks. Once the paper has given, take 5 minutes and read the whole paper with the instructions. Sometimes you have given the equation sheet.


  • Do not think that 5 minutes as time-wasting.

Sometimes you can identify some relational problems from 2 problems. Mark them as well by using another symbol.

While reading the paper, mark down the questions that you can do. Those can be,

  • Related questions that you have learned from the classroom.
  • Questions that can solve by using equations you have remembered or given.
  • Related questions to that small theory parts.

don’t skip these things because you need to pass math exam.

9) Start with easy questions to pass math exam

After you finish reading the whole paper, start answering with easy questions. Those questions are straightforward to gather marks. Therefore take time and answer them correctly and carefully.

Because those are the foundation of your marks, and you really that you cannot score 100 marks. So do not be hurry and do correctly whatever the thing you are writing.


Do not take too much time. You know what I mean.

10) If a question is hard, then go to next.

When you are continuing the paper, if you face a hard question, do not try it. because it may take too much time, and you will end up with nothing.

So you have found some relational questions. Try to solve them using common sense. Furthermore get the equation sheet and try to apply for them for some problems.

11) Do not hesitate to ask a teacher.

How to pass math exam without studying 11

You probably know who are the kind teachers. So do not hesitate to ask something you cannot remember. Because sometimes he/she might tell you some tips to solve the problem.

12) Try to complete the paper pass math exam

So after doing all of the above, if you have some time left, try to answer those questions. If you could not be able to understand it, write anything you can do in that question.

Sometimes it might be applying the values for an equation. Maybe you will not gain many marks from it. Nevertheless, you have gained at least one mark.

Let us assume you need to get 50 marks to pass the paper. furthermore, If you score 47 marks, sometimes the teacher will add some marks. Therefore you will probably get a pass.

Good Luck!


In this article, I have given steps to pass the math exam if you are very close to the exam and furthermore if you haven’t study yet.

what do you think? will you able to pass the math exam with these tips? furthermore, comment below and help future students too.

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