How to get ready for exams | most needed 10 steps

What do you feel once you heard next week you have an exam. You probably may feel unhappy. So to pass exams and get higher marks, we need a proper plan for that specific period.So let’s understand the best answer for ‘how to get ready for exams.’

For easiness, I will separate this into ten chunks.


1) The reason why you pass the exam

How to get ready for exams 1

I’m not telling here about your target. Which means it’s not about your result. The thing you understand by yourself about why you should pass this exam.

Rather than thinking about your target, if you know the reason, then it will be a motivative to shoot your goal.

When things are getting hard, you can memorize the reason, and you can be motivated.

As an example, you can think, “If I want to get a good job, I have to pass this exam’. Or ‘if I will pass this, my parents will be happy.’ likewise find your motivative reason. Probably you may have.

read all in order to find answers for ‘How to get ready for exams’.

2) Find the complete syllabus

How to get ready for exams 2

This is a one of the best answers for ‘How to get ready for exams’ After understanding the reason, you have to find the whole syllabus of that particular subject. Then read the syllabus a-z.

You should have a perfect idea for your subject. Otherwise, you can miss somethings.

So understand,

  • What’s in the syllabus
  • What are the sections
  • How questions can come for each section?
  • Which lessons have high weightage?
  • Understand the structure of the paper
    • How many MCQ and time for them
    • Does it have structure questions?
    • Does it have an essay question?

So when you find out all of these things, there is no doubt in your mind because you know about the inside of the paper and how you should get ready.

3) Find complete notes set to ready for exams

How to get ready for exams 3

After doing the above part, you have to find a complete note set. Then start to work with it. Before you go to lectures, read that part.

I know you will not get everything correctly because probably it may be the first time you see that lesson.

But when you do that at the lecture time, you will not get bored because you already have absorbed some percentage.

Especially the things you didn’t get last night can understand, and that is not the first time you identify those things. That will be very easy for you. How about that. So try out it.

4) Find complete pass papers set

How to get ready for exams 4

Here why do you want to do pass papers? Or do you need to score high marks on pass papers? Think, please.

The answer is you need to use past papers for learning. You no need to get full marks on that. Do some research and identify the pattern.

Get questions and write answers by explaining the solution. Don’t write, just only answer. Complete and learn everything.

5) Find the complete marking scheme set

How to get ready for exams 5

It is essential to know about the marks distributing method of the exam paper. You should have a big idea about this one.

So then You can write answers in a way that gets marks. Because the exam paper is not a place, you should write all the things you know. You should try to get maximum marks.

So the marking scheme is significant. Find out all the marking schemes for every pass paper.

6) Six hours of sleep | important to ready for exams

How to get ready for exams 6

Of course, sleep at least six hours per day. Because a lot of people don’t care about sleep when exams come up.

Some people think about sleeping for three or four hours as a big deal. It’s no big deal. When you sleep only, you can remember things, and your body is being repaired.

But when your body is getting weak step by step, your tons of hours will be wasted. For long term memory, your body requires good sleep.

When I’m studying for advanced levels, one of my teachers said a good story.

“if you want to cut a hundred of trees by using an axe, and assume you start to cut trees continuously without sharping the axe. Then you will end up not cutting more than 5,6 trees. In order to cut all the trees, you need to sharpen your axe. “

So sleep well.

7) Time management by using work management

How to get ready for exams 7

It’s tough to manage the time because we can’t control it. It’s going every time. But we can manage works that we can control within that period, which means your works.

You have seven days per week. So divide your subjects within those days. For any exam balance, your task within the week.

Don’t try to do many subjects in a single day. It’s not practical. But if you can manage your week for each subject, it will be okay.

8) List of things that can’t and hardHow to get ready for exams 8

This step is crucial. Because these are the places, you will miss your marks. So you have to track things that can’t and hard and make a list.

Then you can understand those points while you are studying or you can ask someone. Don’t forget to update the list. Remove points that you recognized.

Some times you have to add again a point that you have already removed. It’s okay. It’s natural. Try to understand those points within your week.

If you work correctly, this will be reduced with time.

9) Charts which tracking time and marks important to ready for exams

How to get ready for exams 9

If you want to improve something, indeed you have to track it.

When you are doing that, you have a better awareness of how things going forward. So that’s why you have to monitor your marks for each paper.

Understand whether it has gained or reduced, if reduced understand why it reduced.

How to get ready for exams 10

You will keep it scared by tracking your time. Scaring a little bit is essential. When this scare is joined with work management, you can go-ahead on the right track.

So then you know these are the works, and this is the time frame. Stress is essential if you use it helpfully.

10) Guidance

How to get ready for exams 11

Guidance is essential, you may have a lot of friends that already faced for that subject. Of course, you may have a lot of questions and problems. Ask those things from them.

Get guidance as much as possible.

so guys share your experience too with us. work hard and win the world. good luck!

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