How to manage time for study | 8 important tips

Hard to manage your time correctly to study? Do you want a study better with new technics? Well, keep reading and understand eight tips to solve your problem.   1) Create a todo list to manage time to study What are you doing once you wakeup? Checking social media? Or whatever else? So if your answer … Read more

How to remember what you study? | 8 tips

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Still, forgetting things even you have tried to remember as much as you can? In this article, I will teach you how to remember more about what you study and how to study more effectively. I will break down this topic into eight tips for easiness.     1) Spaced repetition to remember what you … Read more

How to avoid distractions while studying? |45 tips guide


Are you still unable to concentrate on your studies? Due to that is it makes your marks low in your test. Yet finding the answer for “How to avoid distractions while studying?”. No matter even you are attending school or university. The problem is still available. So here is my ultimate guide to avoid distractions while studying … Read more

How to read two books a week? |simple 5 steps

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We all know books are the perfect way to get some knowledge. Even you love to read, and you may not find enough interest because you are reading educational books all the time. When you need to get some entertainment, you may watch some comedy. But comedy is not an excellent way to get enjoyment … Read more