Why I can’t read anymore? top 6 tips

read anymore

Do you want to know top tips to read books when you can’t read anymore? Well, in this article, let’s discuss the ways you can read books even you can’t read anymore. So let’s dive into the problem and then explore it with six tips. 1) Why do you want to read books?   First … Read more

Does Reading increase IQ? | The Best Answer

increase iq

Are you finding a reason for reading books? Or you need to increase your IQ. If you have a problem with your mind, “does reading increase IQ?”, well, certainly you are in the right place. Let’s understand it. Does reading increase IQ? You can do it by reading books. But we can’t tell directly it improves … Read more

How to stay awake in a boring class? | 20 tips

awake in boring class

Have you ever slept in a class? No matter how hard you try, after 30 seconds, you are sleeping. Sometimes you may wake up after when your buddy pushes or pinches your hand. There is no reason for being ashamed slumbering during class. It’s the natural behavior of humans. Then how to stay awake in … Read more

How to understand lectures? | BTPT Method

understand lecture

Most of the students around the world have a common problem. “ How to understand lectures ?”. Several factors can make lectures challenging to understand. Lecture talking very fast Subject is difficult The lecturer is boring (even the subject is easy) And many more. But whatever happens, you are the person responsible for you and … Read more

Why is math important? | 8 Essential Reasons

why math is important

Probably most of the students have the same problem “why is math important?” even I had the same problem in my childhood. Because we are learning very hard theories and solving tough problems. What’s the reason for that. Actually, we can’t imagine life without mathematics. Without math what will happens to, Our architectures? Buildings Roads … Read more