Why I can’t read anymore? top 6 tips

Do you want to know top tips to read books when you can’t read anymore? Well, in this article, let’s discuss the ways you can read books even you can’t read anymore. So let’s dive into the problem and then explore it with six tips.

1) Why do you want to read books?

Why I can’t read anymore 1
Why do you want to read books


First thing, you need to understand why do you need to read books? It can be

  • Learn a new language
  • Learn a new skill
  • For entertainment
  • Get some additional knowledge

Or whatever else. So why you want to know about understanding the purpose of reading books is you can have a passion for something, when you know that you will never waste your time.

Then you will automatically become to read lover. Because you are reading whatever the thing you are loved. For that, you have to choose the right book to read. Be careful with it. Because of it consuming your time and money.

2) Don’t overachieve. Start small

Why I can’t read anymore 2

It’s easy to say I’m going to read a book a week. If you are a beginner to reading your mind is saying with the past experiences

 “dude. Are you sure?”

So to break into the habit of reading, you need to set your standards almost very low. Start with one page on the first day. Reading only one page takes about only one minute for an average speed reader.

And it’s a pretty easy task. Although you think it’s an easy task, you have to do it regularly—the first week read-only one page per day. Then next week, increase it into two pages per day.

If you want to, you can increase this day by day. But make sure you have to convert this into a habit. If you need to appoint a habit anything, you have to it regularly 21 days.

3) Read before the check the internet

Why I can’t read anymore 3
Read before the check the internet


When you wake, what are things you used to do from your bed? You may be checking,

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

What happened with this your brain maybe companion with a lot of kinds of stuff. In social media, you can see the things you want to see, and actually, you don’t should care about it. But you are looking at it.

What happened next?

Your brain will be full of a lot of stuff and next you will never able to read. So assume you are reading “Rich dad and poor dad” book, Which is every person should read if he wants to be financially independent.

So when you use this kind of important book or even any book, the essence should consume by your brain. The first 20 minutes when you wake up is called the alpha stage. It’s called the gateway to your subconscious mind.

So once you wake up, if you used to reading your book, it will be a program in your subconscious mind. And this leads to becoming you a better person.

Now think what happened to your subconscious mind if you check social media once you wake up.

Then, how to get used to reading a book once you wakeup?

Let’s understand it with the next tip.

4) Habit bunching best tip when you feel can’t read anymore

Why I can’t read anymore 4
Bunch your habits


What is the meaning of habit bunching?

Habit bunching means when you care about an already existing habit, and you enjoy doing combine with you try to get used to doing.

So let’s understand it with an example.

Assume you have an excellent habit of drinking a hot coffee in the morning once you are wakeup then how to pair this habit with reading. The easy way to do this put the book you want to read next to your coffee maker.

So when you get up the morning, make yourself a coffee, and you see the book next to the coffee maker. Then you can grab it. Now you are on the mission.

I’m pretty sure you will love this method. By doing this when you get used to it the enjoyability of the first habit can be increased. So why don’t you need to try this?

5) Try audiobooks.

Why I can’t read anymore 5
try audiobooks

Listen to audiobooks is an excellent way to Soaking up the information of a book. Also, you will still be able to do multi-task. So this is a great way to get used to reading.

6) Change your attitude, self identify as a reader.

Why I can’t read anymore 6
Change your attitude


This tip will seem to not very practical, but it’s probably the most crucial thing if you can’t read anymore.

If your self identifies someone who can’t read anymore, you are building up unnecessary mental resistance toward something you are trying to do more up.

So stop it and start to identify yourself as a person who can be reading and enjoy the reading.

Please breakdown your mental barriers, and then you can find a way to do the above tips a lot easier to do.

So work hard and win the world. Have a beautiful day.


At this time, a lot of people don’t like to read or hate reading. If you such a person who feels you can’t read this article anymore is for you. By reading this article, and you can see we have explored the top 6 tips which can make you a reading man.

So what do you think? Did you get any motivation for reading? Comment below and let me know.

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