Still difficult to choose the right book to read? You may be new to reading, or sometimes you may already have read some amount of books. It’s pretty normal to have that kind of problem in your mind.

Don’t worry, and I will teach you to find the book that you will love with easy six steps.

1) Pick books from genres you like

How to choose the right book to read
Pick books from genres you like

You will never go wrong by picking up books from genres that you like. You will enjoy it. For example, I want to read fiction books from Mr. Arthur C. Clarke. 

What is the meaning of book genres?

There are so many kinds of book genres out there on the planet. “genres you like” means it can be attached to your passion or your lifestyle or any the way it’s a part of your life.

I will put examples for genres of books

  • Action and adventure
  • Classic
  • Comic book
  • Detective or mystery
  • Horror 
  • Romance

2) Check out reviews to choose the right book to read

Check out reviews to choose the right book to read
Check out reviews

Don’t forget to check the reviews of your book that you are going to buy. Reviews help you a lot to understand the quality of the book and whether readers enjoy the book or not.

How many stars should I consider?

I suggest you check at least 3-star reviews. And read the comments as well if most comments are good, then excellent. Rarely it can be bad reviews because people’s thinking pattern is not the same.

I strongly advise you to don’t pick up a book that has less than a 3-stars review.

3) Join reader communities

Join reader communities
Join reader communities

This is a perfect way to understand the background of a book. There are a lot of online communities discussing only books. Then go and ask the readers about the book that you are going to pick.

Most of the time, there are group members who have read that book, and indeed, they will tell about that book with their experiences.

As an example, you can join a Facebook group. Even you can find a lot of forums on the internet. Just get advantage from them. Another right way if you have a friend that reads that book already, go and ask.

They will tell precisely how is that book. But there is a problem, as I mention above, people are different, so it’s better to ask from at least two or three people.

4) Read about the author

Read about the author

This is the next step to choose the right book to read that you are loving, read something about the author. Look at written books by him. Just google it, and you can find some complete articles.

5) Check out book summaries to choose the right book to read

Check out book summaries
Check out book summaries

The next step is to choose the right book to read, check out the book summaries. If you like the summary, pick the book. If you don’t like to summery, don’t choose it.

Is it working for every book?

Actually, it is not working for every book. If you like to read a fiction book, a can’t measure the quality of the book, just looking at the summary. So understanding the summery can recommend other books.

Then how to choose fiction books?

So, in this case, we have to use common sense too. Because a lot of fiction books have written by very famous authors and scientists, so you can find a lot of reviews in fiction book genres.

But there is another way to understand fiction books is good or not that you are going to buy. Let’s know it from step number six.

6) Listen to audiobooks to test a lot of books

Listen to audiobooks
Listen to audiobooks

As I mentioned above, you can do this either fiction books or nonfiction books. When you get the audiobook and listen to the first 30 minutes of it.

If you get some interest in it when you hear it, go and buy the book. If you don’t like it, don’t think about buying it. 

One last bonus tip.

Read books authors you already like to pick the right book to read

Usually, if you are like to authors in the past other books can be amazing. So make sure you consider this.

so, guys, I appreciate it if you can share your ideas too by commenting below. work har and win the world.


In this article, I have discussed six steps to choose the right book to read. By doing this, you can save your money and valuable time.

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