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Are you finding a reason for reading books? Or you need to increase your IQ. If you have a problem with your mind, “does reading increase IQ?”, well, certainly you are in the right place. Let’s understand it.

Does reading increase IQ? You can do it by reading books. But we can’t tell directly it improves your intelligence. Because of all of these things have a big companion with your DNA. But scientific studies show that reading makes you smarter. Your body needs movements. That means your body needs moves, as well. So reading is the best workout for your mind.


Reading improves your focus and concentration.

Does Reading increase IQ 1
reading improves your focus and concentration

Reading is much like running or listing to music, which can be a form of meditation. Similarly, with all the distractions nowadays, people have enormous problems with concentration.

Don’t be one of them. Furthermore, In our single five-minute span average person divide their time

  • Working on a task
  • Checking emails
  • Chatting with people

This type of behavior causes stress levels high. finally it lows our productivity. When you read a book, all of your attention on focusing on the book, then the rest of the world closed when you read every piece of text.

Try to read at about 15-30 minutes before work, and then you can identify by yourself how much you have focused on your works during the day. You can realize how productive your day.

Reading increase IQ? Yes, You can get smarter by reading.

Does Reading increase IQ 2
get smarter by reading

Scientific studies show that reading makes you smarter. Your body needs movements. That means your brain needs moves as well. So reading is the best workout for your mind.

 Why is that?

The new researches showed that the brain is the same as a muscle, which means when we use it, it getting more muscular. We every one knows that when someone lifts weights, your muscles get bigger, and he gets stronger.

If someone can lift 30 pounds initially, with the time, as a result, he will able to lift 80 pounds by regularly doing exercises.

What does it mean?

Reading books is the best way to gets your brain stronger. Which means it causes you to get your IQ value high. But you have to do it reguraly every day.

If you are reading every day, with the time you will become smarter than before. But if you stop reading the books, you will get dumb bit by bit.

So don’t hesitate to start reading. choose correct books that fit on you and your passion. This, whatever happens, you have to start reading, then you will become smarter and you can improve your IQ.


in this article, we have discovered the solutions for “Does Reading increase IQ”. So read the whole article and get the idea.

What do you think? Are you going to start reading books to get your IQ higher? Comment below and let us know.


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