How to read two books a week? |simple 5 steps

We all know books are the perfect way to get some knowledge. Even you love to read, and you may not find enough interest because you are reading educational books all the time.

When you need to get some entertainment, you may watch some comedy.

But comedy is not an excellent way to get enjoyment because it makes your brain done. Instead of that, if you can get used to reading a book, you can gather some knowledge and entertainment too.

So let’s dive into that simple 5 steps to read two books a week.

Step1: use mobile apps to track your reading time.

How to read two books a week 1
use mobile apps to track your reading time.

First and foremost, you have to install an app that can track your works. And it should can to set a goal every day. And when you start to read, you can get your phone and track your reading time with that app.

I will put some of those applications below.

Primarily you must know how much time you can divide for reading per day. If you are a very busy person and don’t try to think, I’m going to read 6 hours per day. That’s not practical.

One hour or one and a half-hour every day is beautiful. Keep it consistently if you want to start with 30minutes and keep expanding that time every day.

Step2: Choose the right books to read two books a week

choose the right books
choose the right books


Please make sure to choose the right kind of books for you and your schedule. So don’t try to buy huge fat books. Some times you have to spend months to finish it.

Because reading about one hour per day is not enough to complete that kind of book.

Your target is to read two books per week. Isn’t it? So be careful when you are choosing the book for reading because it is consuming your time and money.

Step3: Read quiet time

Read quiet time
Read quiet time


So organize your time to read your books when it a little bit quiet. Because at that time, very little distraction you will get. Then you can read fast and complete the book very fast.

The most suitable time for reading I think is at night or in the early morning. If you have free time in the day, it’s also beautiful.

Step4: Keep the books with you | best way to read two books a week

Keep the books with you
Keep the books with you

This step is beneficial to complete the text that you are reading. If you are reading 200 or 300 pages book almost carry them everywhere. You can keep pdf or ebooks with you because it is not possible to take everywhere those books.

So when you are doing this, you have a lot of opportunities to read the book. When you are going the bus or if you are waiting for someone or anytime that you can.

Suppose if you have a 10minute free time, read at least five pages at that time. Instead of wasting that short time useless, you can read that book.

Suppose you got ten occasions which have 10 minutes’ free time. You may have read 50 pages extra.

But you have another dedicated time for reading. With that time at the end of the day, you can complete a considerable amount of pages from that book.

Step5: Listen to an audiobook to read two books a week

Listen to an audiobook
Listen to an audiobook

Assume you are busy and you are doing

  • some household stuff
  • choosing vegetables in the market
  • walking in the park

Or something else which needed only a little bit of attention from you, you can listen to an audiobook. I’m not telling you to listen to it when you are warking.

But there is a problem. Once your first time starts to listen to an audiobook, your mind is not going to focus on it. So start to listen 10 minutes on the very first day. Increase that time day by day.

When you get used to it, yes, you will love audiobooks because it’s straightforward. Even you no need it to carry a book with your hand. Eventually, you will understand those books are so much productive than real books.

So what do you think? Can’t read two books per week by only doing the above five steps? Please share your ideas with us about this article by commenting below. Work hard and win the world.


Even you are new to reading or already read some books, and you may struggle to read two books a week. If you do that, you can read eight books per month. Which means you got a lot of knowledge. So here, we discussed the simple five steps to read two books per week.

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