How to avoid sleep when studying: 12 most success tips

Okay, let’s discuss 12 tips to avoid sleep when studying. Getting perfect sleep is very important for studying. Indeed, sleep is directly affecting to memory strength of a student.

So if you are sleeping only three or four hours per day, don’t think like you are a man or you are working correctly.


1) Get enough sleep to avoid sleep when studying

get good sleep
get good sleep


The first tip is to get asleep at about 6to 7 hours. Furthermore improve the quality of your sleep.

Improve the quality of your sleep

If you are sleeping that much of time, don’t get any disturbances. When you have disruptions to your sleep, it directly affects sleep, and the quality of sleep will be reduced.

And the value of sleep also will be reduced. Sleep in a dark place

. Try to sleep in a silent place. Before the sleep relax your mind. And even if you can do a small meditation. These things will help to increase the quality of your sleep.

Synchronize your sleep every day

There is a thing called “Bio-clock.” Which means the time sleep comes to us and the time we are waking up. When troubles come to the bio-clock, it causes our sleep, and a lot of problems come.

Keep a specific time to wake up and also sleep every day, without thinking any difference between weekdays and weekend days.

When you are doing this, again and again, this pattern will absorb by your body. Then you can get better sleep in that period rather than a previous one. So try to get used to that pattern.

Although you have a tremendous amount of workload, make your disciplines to wakeup that time and sleep at that time. So start that today itself. You can understand it immediately.

I have mentioned above to sleep about 6 to 7 hours per day. But that doesn’t mean that to sleep 4 hours a day and 4 hours in the night. Your sleep should be continuous. That quality sleep has inside an uninterrupted sleep.

If you very hard to wake in the day time while you are studying, take a little sleep for about 20 minutes. After the 20 minute time, we are going into a deep sleep state.

When we are waking up from a deep sleep state, it very hard for our eyes and brain, so keep your nap time to 20 minutes.

2) Study in a well illuminated place

Study in a well illuminated place
Study in a well illuminated place


The study area should be bright. But the natural light is the best for this. But when you are studying in the evening or night, let the light fall into your books.

When it is quite dark, the brain thinks its time to sleep. Because of its characteristics of ordinary human beings. So keep your whole study area as a bright place.

Avoid straining your eyes in low light.

If your study place is a little bit dark, your eyestrain will be high. When eyestrain is high, it possible to come headaches and its effect on eye health. So don’t do that—study in a bright place.

3) Study in a place with proper ventilation

How to avoid sleep when studying 3

Ventilation is a significant factor. Oxygens need your brain to study and work correctly. If your windows also closed in your room, then the percentage of carbon dioxide becomes a high level.

Because of we expiration the carbon dioxide.

please be consider this. this factor really effective to avoid sleep when studying.

When this happens, it’s hard to work to your brain, and sleepness will come to you automatically. So keep your windows open. It will be essential for you to keep your blood oxygen level high and keep well concentrative studying.

4) Studying in the same place is easier

Studying in the same place is easier
Studying in the same place is easier


Your study place also a significant factor in avoiding sleep when you are considering. If you can study in the same place every day, it’s beneficial to your mind. Because that environment is not new to you.

Don’t get too comfortable.

Don’t go to bed to sleep. When comfortableness is high to our body, the sleep will automatically come to us.

Maintain good posture

Your studying posture is essential to avoid sleep while studying. Keep your Spine straitly. so there are several ways to study

  • Sitting and studying
  • standup and study
  • walking and study is excellent.

5) Get some exercise – stay active

do some exersice
do some exersice


Reserve a time to exercise when you are studying in your day. When you are doing exercise, your adrenaline becomes high.

So when the hormonal function is useful, and your blood also flows good, it directly affects your health, and you are an active man. it will help to avoid sleep when studying

Therefore it will help to avoid sleepness while studying. But I’m not telling you to go to a gym. You can do things listed below.

  • Do little bit stretch
  • Walk
  • Jump
  • Dancing
  • Play

Some of them you can do inside your room.

6) Take 5-minute breaks regularly to avoid sleep when studying

dance little bit
dance little bit


Don’t study continuously. Take small breaks frequently every 25 to 30 minutes. It’s a break for the brain.

So if you do that it will very helpful to improve the effectiveness of the next study session. You can do in that time

  • Listen to a song
  • Dance a little bit
  • Go and talk a little bit with your mom and dad
  • Go around your home

Don’t forget to come and study when that time is over.

Don’t tire your brain and eyes during breaks.

But don’t get your phone and look at it in that period. That’s not a rest. It’s again tiring your brain and eyes. So use that small break to relax your brain and eyes.

7) Be genuinely interested in your subjects: the best way to avoid sleep when studying

like whatever you are doing
like whatever you are doing


This point is crucial. Sleepness, while you are studying, directly depends on your interest in the subject.

Engage all your senses.

When you are studying, don’t only read and review. Instead of that, try to do stuff listed below.

  • Try to listen and study
  • Study while talking
  • Study while drawing.

So, in this case, it has more current levels. So it’s easy to keep interested. And also try to use the Feynman technique.  this technique really effective to avoid sleep when studying.

Be creative- try different methods/subjects

Most importantly, be creative the way you are studying. Which means try different things. Anyone can be tired by doing the same thing. So change the subjects. Do

  • Do memorizable subjects
  • Solve mathematical problems.
  • Another kind of subject.

So when you are doing that, parts of your brain will work at different times. It will be helpful to avoid sleep when studying.

Love and enjoy what you study

If you are love to your subject, there is a no-good method rather than that.

8) Stay cold – stay alert

like whatever you are doing


Which means take a small wash before studying. Wash your face in that break I have mentioned above. this factor is very important in order to avoid sleep when studying

9) Stay hydrated – drink water

drink water while studying
drink water while studying


Drink water. If you are not drinking water for an extended period, you will be dehydrated, and you will be tired very quickly. Then its effects to come sleepness.

Keep the water bottle visible, at a distance

Drink water, but don’t keep a water bottle very close because you can get it while you are sitting in the chair. So keep that in a visible place but a little bit away.

So when you are taking a break, you have to walk and drink water. At that time you can get exercise and water. Do that. It will be okay.

10) Avoid heavy meals to avoid sleep when studying

avoid heavy meals
avoid heavy meals


Don’t be a wonder if you feel when you are studying after taking a substantial, heavy meal. It’s natural. The body will be reserve blood to food digest. Due to that, not enough blood to process your brain.

So that’s why you may feel sleepy after heavy meals. So don’t overeat.

11) Don’t be a caffeine-junkie, limit coffee & tea

How to avoid sleep when studying 11

We all know by drinking coffee and tea can help to avoid sleepness when studying. But when you are doing this continuously you can be an addict to this and may come to another problem. So don’t use too much coffee.

12) Consider getting medical attention

get medical attention if you have problem
get medical attention if you have problem


But if you have a problem, suddenly you came to sleep without your knowledge, even you got enough sleep. And also, if you sleep even how hard you try to awake, it may be a point to take medical attention.

It’s better to meet a doctor. with these, you can avoid sleep when studying.

So share your experience too about this article. Work hard and win the world. Have a beautiful day.

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