Most probably, you may hear about the benefits of waking early in the morning. When someone told us about their experience of wakeup early, and when you see their results, you can be more inspired, and you start to wake up early and study.

But in fact, what happened really? Even you wish to wake up early and study, but things may not work as your wish. Why did this happen?

Real till the end and understand these five tips to avoid sleep while studying early morning, then get the harvest. 

What is the best study in the early morning or at night?

study in the early morning

Scientifically it’s proven waking up in the morning and study is more beneficial. Ancient people also believed in waking up before one and a half hours before sunrise is very, very helpful.

Actually, in this time, the human brain is more alert, active, and there is a lit of blood flow on your body. And also, your mind is more most transparent at that time.

So if you used to wake up that time( let’s generally say 4.30 A.M. ) and study nothing can beat it.

1) Early sleep and early wakeup to avoid sleep while studying early morning

 avoid sleep while studying  early morning

So let’s assume you are a person who goes to bed around midnight night and wakes up at 6 A.M. morning. And let’s say this time frame is very comfortable for you.

If you want to wake up at 4.30 A.M., then you have to sleep 1.5 hours early than other days

Even I told you this now; you may have tried this already and didn’t get a positive result. 

So the problem with you is you force your body to do that Suddenly. But the thing you should do is you can sleep 15 minutes early and 15 minutes wake up early per day.

Now you are sleeping at 11.45 P.M. and wake up at 5.45 A.M., so the next day also does the same thing. Then gradually you can wake up at 4.30 early morning after some days. 

so do this and you can feel the best answer for “How to avoid sleep while studying early morning.”.

2) Keep your alarm away from your bed.

Keep your alarm away from your bed

So I also have tried this since my school days. It works. Even what kind of alarm you have used it doesn’t matter. But make sure don’t keep it within your hands reach.

I no need to tell you the reason we tend to snooze the alarm and take a quick nap for a 5 minute. At last, you have slept until morning.

So another thing is keeping a couple of alarms also good. If you put the alarm another corner of the room and when you want to snooze it, you have to walk across the room.

That means you are getting some physical activity, which means your brain has more opportunity to be more alert.

Here a special thing for you to put a motivational quote near the alarm, and then you will not try to sleep again. Some of them are

  • I will be successful not immediately but absolutely and definitely
  • Every new day is an opportunity for success
  • Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise
  • Decide commit succeed

so do this and realize whether you can to avoid sleep while sleep early morning. I’m pretty sure you can do it.

3) Take a cup of coffee

wake up and drink cup of tea to avoid sleep while studying early morning

Take a cup of tea or some coffee. Too much can be a problem. But take one small cup. It can keep your brain’s little active and alert. Any hot drink is okay. But take it before sitting down for study.

Why little bit coffee?

It helps to keep you awake. But the problem is it can affect you severely. It can cause long term problems.

4) Sleep hygiene to avoid sleep while studying early morning

Sleep hygiene in your bed

Although the words sleep hygiene word together can bring a lot of pictures of our mind. It is a straightforward thing. Sleep hygiene is more refers to the evening bedtime routine.

It would help if you started preparing your brain around two hours your bedtime. It would help if you kept telling your mind that withing two hours you are going to sleep.

So what are the things you need to do as part of your sleep hygiene or evening bedtime routine?

So what are the things you need to do as part of your sleep hygiene or evening bedtime routine?

stay away from screens

stay away from screen before your sleep

Make sure you stay away from screens. Any screens. Your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and even TV can be matter. Make sure you shut down all of them at least before 1.5 hours, or if you can, before two hours is better.

So why is this important?

The rays emerge from any electronic devices, or any of these electronic devices can disturb your sleep cycle. So because of that, please away from those devices 1.5 hours before bedtime.

Another thing is the drink a cup of a little bit of warm water before your sleep. Another thing is you need to keep in mind is to make sure you have to sleep at the same time every day. 

5) Study an interesting topic in the morning.

study your interesting subject

When you get started to study in the early morning, and you try to be a morning person, make sure to study those subjects which are interesting.

So it would be best if you did this until this routine is fitted on you.

with the time you can avoid sleep while studying early morning. so don’t hesitate to do this. try it out.

So guys, make sure you follow all of these steps and share your idea too with us. 

Work hard and win the world. Have a beautiful day.

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