How to avoid distractions while studying? |45 tips guide

Are you still unable to concentrate on your studies? Due to that is it makes your marks low in your test. Yet finding the answer for “How to avoid distractions while studying?”.

No matter even you are attending school or university. The problem is still available. So here is my ultimate guide to avoid distractions while studying with 45 tips.


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What is mean by Distraction?

A distraction is a thing that takes your attention away from what you are supposed to be doing.

Types of Distraction

  • Internal
    • Psychological needs and emotional thoughts
  • External
    • Technology and people and other things

So when you think of studying and starts your works. But a few times later, what happened? You may scroll down Facebook or any kind of social media or check WhatsApp or thinking about another thing.

So the thing is you haven’t done is studying.

So when this happened continuously, obviously, it may occur terrible effects for you.

Let’s understand it with an image.

distraction cycle
distraction cycle


when you distracted by something that happened is feeling guilty about your Distraction. Then you start to worry about your future. With that, you may feel powerless. Then now it continues.

1) Avoid multitasking

How to avoid distractions while studying 2

Do you know studies have found there is no such thing as multitasking? The brain is unable to handle more than one task at a time. What it does is the tasks are switching.

It was found that is constant tasks switching between activities can cause up to 40% of the loss from your daily productivity.

So you are hindering yourself more than anything.

As an example, you may check emails while studying. Sometimes you may be chatting while studying. So the thing is you can do you can put all of them together and give it some time from your day.

This means you can keep an exact time to check your emails and reply to them.

2) Overthinking and the power of now

don’t overthink
don’t overthink


If you have ever read the book Power of now, you know what included in this point. You may be a person who is analyzing and thinking about the pros and cons of everything can be a good thing.

But overthinking can be a huge roadblock. So when you sit down for an extended period for study purposes, it is essential to focus only on the present situation.

Don’t think about the past,

“Oh my god! What should I do? I failed the math exam last semester”. or future “after my graduation, I’m going to do my masters, mmm No, I will go for a job. “.

Don’t worry about past failures, or don’t think about plans. You take care of only the thing you have to supposed to do. Right now!. Then you can win.

3) Get a good sleep

get a good sleep
get a good sleep


You need a good night’s sleep every day. Otherwise, it can be lead to feel sleepy while you are studying. That’s a massive distraction to your studies. So sleep well and consider it well.

Then you can avoid sleep while studying. Which means you are doing great—less Distraction.

4) Earplugs (noise-canceling headphones)

use earplugs
use earplugs

You can spend some money and purchase excellent quality noise-canceling headphones. You know these types of headphones use soundproofing technology and block unwanted noise from entering your ears.

So without any disturbances, you can concentrate on your studies.

5) Use mobile applications to avoid distractions while studying

use mobile applications
use mobile applications

So you can use mobile applications to avoid distractions while studying. There are many time management and productivity apps that can use. Couple of them are

Those are very specific and helps more to avoid distractions from your phone.

6) Practice meditation once a day


The meditation we can call as “mental exercise” that improves the power of concentration.

It is an act of concentrating your mind on just one thing and ignoring all the other things happening around you.

So practice meditation, then you can train your brain to give less importance to happening around you. You are giving providing time to your mind to concentrate on studies even if you are sitting in noisy areas.

7) Use two accounts in your computer to avoid distractions while studying

Use two accounts in your computer
Use two accounts in your computer

Sometime you may be a not aa person who is using only books to study. You may need to use your laptop or PC.

What happened here is when you are working with your lap after some time, maybe you are doing something else. Maybe playing a game or browsing social media. That is a huge distraction.

How to avoid that?

So, in this case, you can use two accounts on your computer. One of them only for your studies or work And the other one can be used during your free time.

So in this way, you can separate your focused time and your free time.

8) Motivation and inspiration

be motivative
be motivative

When you study, you can be easily distracted by anything. So you can get some bords and write down some motivational quotes.

Then you can hang it in front of the eyes, or you keep on the desk. So whenever you look at it, it will help to inspire you and stay active.

What happened is here is you can see every time motivational quotes and you are reading it. So with the time, your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed to you stay focused on your work.

Have you ever read the “power of subconscious mind” book? I strongly suggest you read it.

9) Pomodoro technique to avoid distractions while studying

implement the Pomodoro technique
implement the Pomodoro technique

This technic is one of the greatest technics to avoid Distraction while studying. You can read more about this here in my previous article.

10) Sit straight

sit straight
sit straight

So sit straight and upright, and upright are inclined forward a little bit. Your body posture is crucial. Don’t neglect it.

See, when you sit straight with your back upright are slightly inclined ahead, it will improve your power of concentration.

But why?

When you are sitting straight while you are studying, you are sending a signal to your brain that whatever you are considering is very important.

So your mind becomes alert and remains focused on what you are studying, even though there is an unwanted noise around you.

So always be conscious of your sitting position. Sit straight is slightly inclined forward. And see the results.

11) Put thoughts on paper to avoid distractions while studying

Put thoughts on paper
Put thoughts on paper

The reason for putting thoughts on paper is that when you start thinking about something, and you need to remember it later. Or if you get a new idea, you no need to forget about it.

So by having a blank paper on your side, you can transfer your thoughts from your brain to the article. Directly down writing it down, you can focus your studies without having any disturbance on you.

12) Setting up goals to avoid distractions while studying

set your goals
set your goals

No matter even you are a college student or a university student. All of you have future ambitions. It may be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, Manager. But you know very well that everything takes a lot of sacrifices.

So you have to set up your goals. It can buy a new car or buy a new house, or it can be a desire to see your mom’s father’s smile.

You have to understand your goals. And then whenever a distraction is happening, you can think about your goals. Then it will make you keep concentrate on your studies, and you can win.

13) Disturbances by girlfriend or boyfriend

avoid disturbances by gf or bf
avoid disturbances by gf or bf

When you start to study by focusing on your subjects, you may have received some messages or calls from your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

You know that one also one of the big distractions to your studies.

So how to avoid that?

You can’t just say, “don’t text me” or “don’t call me.”

Because you need your partner, so what can you do is both of you can talk to each other, and you can take breaks at the same time. Then you can chat with each other.

So do you know? You get advantages from your relationship for studies. A lot of students have joint problems that are feeling sleepy at night.

So you can challenge each other, and you can set the time at 10.30 P.M. (let’s just say) then if one person wants to talk with others he or she has to wait until 10.30 P.M.

Another thing you can discuss each other critical points of your subjects, then it will be beneficial to your studies.

So I think you got the idea and you can now realize you can convert distractions into advantages.

14) Background music

Background music

When they’re a lot of noises going on around you, you can listen to music to block out other distractions. You have faced a similar situation. Which means you can’t control those noises.

So there are a lot of types of music out there. Even in youtube, available deep focus and learning music.

15) Taking appropriate breaks to avoid distractions while studying

Taking appropriate breaks
Taking appropriate breaks

This method is also one of the best methods to avoid distractions. Because if you work continuously, there is a big chance to go to your mind another place during your studies.

So with the break, you can refresh your memory and carry on your education to the foreword.

16) Do some exercise

do some exercises
do some exercises

This tip, you should try every day. If you have a time table, make sure to include time for exercises at least 20-30 minutes.

By doing this, you will never be feeling lazy or sleepy or whatever the internal distractions. After doing some exercises, you can feel your brain is so alert and fresh.

After exercise is something called BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) is going high. And this BDNF is produced during exercise; it’s going to give you a mental boost and mental clarity.

Which means you will be studying without having any distractions.

17) Set strict deadlines

Set strict deadlines
Set strict deadlines

Do you know what the period is? Timeline is a specific date or time you said for the completion of a task. To arrange a deadline, you should first allocate a time limit for working on one particular task. Then you set strict deadlines.

For example, you firmly decide,

“I should finish this task before 4 P.M. today. “

that means today, 4 P.M. is the deadline, and you should finish it before that time. Whatever happens, if you set strict deadlines, it instills a sense of urgency to the task.

Because of the sense of urgency, you will concentrate on the work only and will never bother about the noise around you. So try out this.

18) Rewarding yourself

give rewards yourself
give rewards yourself

I also have tried this so many times. It works. I have covered huge syllabuses within one week by using this technic.

What does this mean?

You can give some particular goals or challenges to your mind and start your works. As an examples

  • If I complete today all the tasks before 6.30 P.M., I can go to grandma’s home for dinner.
  • If I complete all the works for this week before Sunday, Sunday, I can go for a date with my girlfriend or boyfriend.

I think you got the idea. Try out this one also. At that, you can realize you are working on that reward, not getting any distractions.

19) Switch on white noises

white noises
white noises

What is white noise?

White noise is a soothing steady and unvarying sound that will safeguard you from the unwanted noise distractions it can be an

  • electronically produced sound
  • Sound of rain
  • Sound of waterfall
  • Birds sound & etc.

So whenever you start studying switch on this white noise, it will diminish the volume of other sounds around you. You will hear only white noise. So you will fully concentrate on your studies.

Whenever you start studying, switch on white noise. You can find it from even youtube.

20) Don’t stay with the same subject too much

Don’t stay with the same subject too much
Don’t stay with the same subject too much

When you are doing the same subject for an extended period, you can be bored. And this can be lead to distractions, then take a small rest and continue works with a different subject.

This will be easy if you have a time table. So make a time table that suits you and start work.

21) Keep all your study materials handy

Keep all your study materials handy
Keep all your study materials handy

When you are trying to study, and when you see your notebook if it is something like alien language and if you can’t even read your note, you got distracted. Which means your interest in that subject has reduced.

So what you have to do is when you are taking notes, please be careful with it. Wright down it. Not only the books keep every single study material keep to an excellent order.

When you look at your study area and study materials, you could have a come desire from your mind automatically. Try this.

22) making the right time table to avoid distractions while studying

making the right time table
making the right time table

You have to create the right time, which is most suitable for your working schedule. So then you can balance your work.

Otherwise, you may study more about your most exciting subjects, and you can consider less about your not fascinating subjects.

So by doing this, you can balance all your subjects, which means you won’t be stressed.

23) Rumination: distractions of the mind

distractions of the mind
distractions of the mind

Ruminations specifically are replaying in your mind in adverse situations that happened or negative emotions or that kind of involvement by yourself. You might think,

“I could have to tell him about my choice.”

Likewise, a lot of think. You know what I’m telling you about, Isn’t it? So to remove rumination, you have to something.

Some people doing sports or exercise before studying because of it most unambiguous your mind and make your brain more present. So I hope you got the idea and please start to work on it.

24) Track your time online

track your time online
track your time online

There are few apps you can find from the play store, which can track your social media usage time. That’s not all. You can set time limits on particular apps.

As an example, you can set facebook time 30 minutes per day. After 30 minutes facebook application automatically lock by these apps.

try these apps

25) Stop checking unwanted things on the internet

Stop checking unwanted things on the internet
Stop checking unwanted things on the internet

This means if you have to use your pc or laptop for your study purposes and when you have some problem, let us say it’s a maths problem.

So you are browsing it on youtube. Then you have found an excellent video, and you solved your problem. youtube is every time suggesting videos that you are most impressive.

What happened next is you have spent more than 30 minutes after watching a 5-minute tutorial video. that is a significant distraction on you. Maybe you don’t know about it.

When you are doing this four times per day, you may have wasted nearly 2 hours.

Think a little bit if you save that time you can do a lot of works. Even if you have slept using that time that is good for your body.

So you have to do self-control on this. Take your mind to your hand. You should do whatever the thing you want to do. Don’t let your account to control you. I hope you got the idea.

26) Deal with hunger first to avoid distractions while studying

Deal with hunger first
Deal with hunger first

When you feel angry you can’t study anymore, isn’t it? I think you have experience already. That is also a distraction. So when you feel hungry, eat something a little bit except the main meals in the day.

27) Taking care of health (physical and mental)

Taking care of health
Taking care of health

Can you remember when you are sick, how were your feelings? You can’t concentrate on anything even you can’t stay on the chair.

You may sleep in your bed. As well as physical health, mental health also a significant factor. Sometimes it can be more harmful more than physical health problems.

Let’s get a headache. It can disappear within a few hours. Some mental issues can be contained with students evens months.

So if you want to concentrate on your studies, make sure to care for your physical and psychological health.

28) Be in a comfortable place

Be in a comfortable place
Be in a comfortable place

When you are studying and if you feel a little bit uncomfortable with your place, please change your workplace or make your workplace comfortable. Keep your chair in a comfortable height.

If you feel uncomfortable with your area, you can’t work there anymore. So please consider this one.

29) Using external aids to avoid distractions while studying

Using external aids
Using external aids

You may have faced a lot of matters regarding subjects. So at that time, you are thinking again and again, and you can’t realize what does mean it.

So what happened next is you are getting bored and feeling sleepy. Which means distractions came up to you.

So you are going to the outside, and then what happened? You may be returned to your works for a couple of hours.

how to avoid that?

You can use external aids.

  • Call a friend and ask about the matter
  • By using youtube
  • By using other related websites

30) Disconnect internet connection

Disconnect internet connection
Disconnect internet connection

If you are working offline or only using books, you can keep your internet connection switch off. Then you can avoid unwanted distractions by searching for not useful things on the internet.

So this one also a good technic if you try out that.

31) Try to study alone to avoid distractions while studying

Try to study alone
Try to study alone


The sound a little bit selfish? Nope, it doesn’t. Why because you may be considering with your buddies. But the problem is there is more chance to be distracted.

Why because you may talk with each other. Every person can come notifications calls. At that time, that thing is a distraction to other persons as well.

But there are advantages as well we can see by studying with a team. If someone has a problem, it is straightforward to find the solutions.

But I think it is more effective if you study alone by focusing only on your works and stay with your time table.

32) Study in a lighted area

Study in a lighted area
Study in a lighted area

If your workplace has a little bit of low light, it may cause you to feel a little bit sleepy. After that, what happened? You will go to bed for 5 minutes, and then you will wake up in the morning. It is the standard procedure.

Which means you have distracted. So you can simply solve this. You can make your workspace to a little bit of lighted area.

33) Prioritize your work to avoid distractions while studying

Prioritize your work
Prioritize your work

I have discussed this one in one of the previous posts too. Ealy morning once you get up to take a paper and write down all the tasks you have to do today.

Next, prioritize them as your wish. Then do the more priority works first.

What happened if you do not prioritize your works? You will do fewer priority works at first. Then what happened? With the time you are going to be stressed because you might think,

“Oh, hell no! I can’t do these things within today. But I have to complete it within today.”

then you are going to more stress, and it may be a huge distraction to you. Then you can’t do your works correctly. So prioritize your tasks and do your actions.

34) Study one specific place to avoid distractions while studying

Study a one specific place
Study a one specific place

So this feeling you might have experienced before. When you are changing your study place day by day even without knowing you are going to victims by distractions.

Then it’s hard to stay focused on one thing. So try to study in one specific place.

35) Creating the study environment


Creating the study environment
Creating the study environment

You need a proper study environment to study without any distractions. Keep only things which are you need right now for your works.

Maybe your next subject in your time table can be different. Don’t keep even those books or whatever your works.


Because at that moment, you may feel I have a lot of tasks to do, and you are thinking about it, and then you end up with nothing.

I know you may have a lot of functions. But when those books on your table you are messing with it, and thinking about it, and you can’t your do current works correctly. So keep away them from your desk.

36) Take care of your view in your study area

Take care of your view in your study area
Take care of your view in your study area

This one, you might not be caring too much. But it has a massive priority to spile your works. Let’s say you are sitting near one of the windows.

After some time of working, you might see a cute dog is playing outside, and a red beautiful car is parked on the road. Cople of children playing outside. And you are thinking a lot of nonsense.

After some time is what you haven’t done is studying. So make sure to consider away from a window or turn in to the opposite side to study.

37) Break down your study into small parts

Break down your study into small parts
Break down your study into small parts

So when you start on a work, and you may feel, “this is a huge load. I can’t even think to complete it.” so what happened?

At the very first, you have distracted. Instead of that, you can separate that your work into small chunks, and you can focus only that small chunk and try to complete it.

I will give you a small example of that. Suppose you have to read and understand 60 pages book in your priority list.

And what you can do is implement the Pomodoro technic. Then read and follow only 15 pages per 25 minutes study session.

So by doing this, you can complete the book within two hours if you do this other way even 3 hours you may not achieve it. So I think you got the idea.

38) Try to have a coffee

Try to have a coffee
Try to have a coffee

When you are studying, you might feel a little bit sleepy. Which means a big distraction. So I think you are implementing the Pomodoro technic. There are time intervals within your study sessions.

Use the first interval and go and take a small cup of tea. It will help keep your mind only with your studies. But don’t take every time. That can be a problem.

39) Read aloud to avoid distractions while studying

read aloud
read aloud

You know what happens when you read aloud. You will hear your voice louder than any other noises around you.

When you read aloud, you concentrate on your throat, and you hear and feel no different sounds other than your voice.

You can understand, here you engaging your three senses

  1. Seeing
  2. Hearing
  3. Feeling

How to avoid distractions while studying 41

And what happens? You will fully concentrate on your book and will not bother about outside noises. So just try reading aloud and see if it works for you.

40) Get used to the noise to avoid distractions while studying

How to avoid distractions while studying 42

Now is the time to use your mindpower. If you can’t control the sounds around you and if you want to study too definitely you have to get used to the noise.

But how?

Just believe that you have the power to overcome noises, distractions. Just acknowledge that noise and ignore them. You can do this some sort of practice.

Just try and see if it is possible. In case you find it challenging to exercise, try meditation.

41) Don’t eat while you are studying

Don’t eat while you are studying
Don’t eat while you are studying

A lot of students have used to make this terrible habit. When you are eating while studying, it may cause distractions. Which means you are not focussing on your studies. So eat first and then focus on your education.

42) Try to avoid the people who annoy or disturb you

Try to avoid the people who annoy or disturb you
Try to avoid the people who annoy or disturb you

This is a common problem for all students around the planet. Sometimes your friend can ask when you are studying,

“Hey buddy, you wanna play basketball”


“Hey bro, let’s go to Jim’s house”

I know it’s tough to say them, “no.” But you have to say that about your time table. Then tell them you are going to reserve some time for them too.

Yeah, man, you got this. If you can, tell them also your good routine.

43) Stop comparing to avoid distractions while studying

stop comparing
stop comparing

This is another kind of big wrong thing used to do by students. Don’t compare you with another person. You are thinking,

“he is scoring every time 90+ marks for every subject. But I can’t. I’m a fool.”

something like that. What happened next? You have distracted by another kind of nonsense. You must believe your mind and your power. If you work hard, you can win.

44) Keep it interesting to avoid distractions while studying

Keep it interesting
Keep it interesting

There is no powerful method more than this. Why because by controlling your mind if you can make a good interest in your subject you will never be bored.

45) Memorize about what you have done in the day at the bedtime

Memorize about what you have done in the day at the bedtime
Memorize about what you have done in the day at the bedtime

This is something you should do before bedtime. Memorize about what you have done in the day at night. Then what will happen? If you are unhappy with the way, have spent your time during the day, try to avoid that in the next day.

Try this every day. Most of the time, you will feel unhappy. So do this until you can feel happy at bedtime. And don’t stop this. Do it every night.

Right now, right where you are, you can decide not to get to Distraction the things that not related to your goals. Because of you no wants to look back and know could have done better.

The choice is yours, and your focus is like any other muscle in your body. As you train it, it gets more energetic, and your ability to concentrate increases.

So what do you think about this guide? Share your idea with us. Work hard and win the world.

Have a beautiful day.


Current world a lot of students have a common problem. “How to avoid distraction while studying?”. So in this guide have discussed 45 scientific tips to overcome that problem.

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