How to understand lectures? | BTPT Method

Most of the students around the world have a common problem. “ How to understand lectures ?”. Several factors can make lectures challenging to understand.

  1. Lecture talking very fast
  2. Subject is difficult
  3. The lecturer is boring (even the subject is easy)

And many more. But whatever happens, you are the person responsible for you and your future. So you have to learn. So here is my simple 4 step process to understand lectures. Let’s call that method as “BTPT” method.

  1. Be ready before the lecture 
  2. Take notes
  3. Prepare notes
  4. Teach someone


1) Step1- Be ready before the lecture

How to understand lectures 1
Be ready before the lecture

Before you go to lectures, it’s imperative to be prepared for what is coming. When you make for the lecture, you certainly get most of the lecture. And then note-taking is a lot easier.

Furthermore, it’s straightforward to understand what is the lecture is talking about. So it only has pros with preparing with the lecture.

But how to do that? 

Probably your teacher has given you handouts or pdf or ppt or any kind of reference material. So, first of all, find the lecture notes of the next lecture.

Then read them carefully. Identify all the things you couldn’t understand. Just google them and try to understand.

If you are still incapable of understanding, then go to youtube. Certainly, there should be available a video. Because in most cases, a lot of YouTubers attempting to cover study-related videos.

If you have received handouts, it is decidedly more straightforward for you. When you find out any complicated terms, right the meanings of it near that term.

Get a highlighter and highlight things you can identify as important.

If any kind notes not given by your teacher

In this case, you have to figure it out on your own,

  1. go to your school or university website
  2. Find your academic curriculum.
  3. After that, find your subject.
  4. Then find out previously taught title
  5. Then you can find the next title.
  6. Note down all the subtopics
  7. Google them and try to understand.
  8. If still hard search on youtube.

You no need to make any notes or summerise it. Because it is consuming your significant amount of time. Sometimes lecture can tell that no need that part. Then you have wasted a lot of time.

Just try to get a rough idea. But you have to take a small stick note of all the subtopics that will be going to cover the next lecture. Stick it in your notebook. For making the notes to get another book.

Well done! Now you are better prepared and you will able to understand lectures.

2)Step2-Take notes

How to understand lectures 2

During the lecture, you should pay attention to the lecture. Especially don’t sleep during the lecture time.

Your focus may depend on several things. If you always sit next to who never pay attention or who is talking during the lecture. And also they always with their phones.

In that case, it’s tough for you to pay attention to the lecture and focus on the lecture.

Instead of if you sit next to who is really motivated and focus to lecture and paying attention going to a lot easy to pay attention to you as well.

but how to understand lectures if he talking fast?

I know most of the cases your lecture might be like Eminem. In this case, you can’t take good note. Because your teacher is moving slides very speedily and talking very expeditiously.

In that case, write down whatever the thing you can hear from the lecturer and your writing no need to be perfect. But if you can organize a little bit of your note, it will be easier for you.

I will put an image for you. For note-taking in the class, it’s better to have another book.

How to understand lectures note
take notes like this

3) Step3-Prepare notes to understand lectures

How to understand lectures 3
Prepare notes


So after your classes, it’s better to rewrite a note of another book. Now you have a note which you took in the class. So now take your real notebook.

Then write down clearly in your notebook. Because your class note can be gruesome and unclear.

So first of all,

  1. Then write answers for questions.
  2. Next, write down extraordinary things the lecturer told you.
  3. Then search for new things the lecturer told you to find.
  4. After that, compare your note with the stick note. If all the contents of the stick note have covered, you have done well.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to complete the note on the same day. Otherwise somethings you may forget whatever things related to the lecture.

Now you have a piece of proper knowledge of today’s lesson. Now you need to keep it in your mind for a long time. You can do step 4 to better understand and remember it in the long term.

4) Step4 – Teach someone to understand lectures


How to understand lectures 4
Teach someone

This is a convenient method you can try out. Probably there must be your friend who not understood that part very much. Teach them whatever all the things you know.

After you teach him this lesson, take a short time and try to memorize everything you teach him.

Surprise! Now everything is in your mind.

Now think it this way. You have covered the same lesson three times. It causes to better understand and long term memory. And able to explain it.

That means you have done correctly. Which means now can understand any lecture.

Work hard and win the world.


In the present world, a lot of students have a common problem. “How to understand the lectures?” In this article, I have introduced a 4 step process called “BTPT,” which really works to solve your problem.

Will, it actually works? What do you think? Comment below and let us know.

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how to prepare for lectures as a student?

well, we have discussed this in “step1”.

what to do after lectures?

we have discussed this in step number 3 and 4.

I don’t learn from lectures

if you are don’t learn from in the classroom it will be hard for you. whether you able to understand it or not, write down everything you can hear and follow the BTPT method.

why lectures are important?

certainly, lectures are essential. because you can hear a lot of additional information from your lecturers and many more.


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