How to learn math on your own? | 7 step process

In most cases, we have to learn a lot of things ourselves. But when it comes to maths, things are going to be horrible. Without a proper plan, it’s tough to learn math on your own. So, in this article, I’m going to share it with you my seven steps guide to learn Math on your own.

1) Find your reference book


Find your reference book
Find your reference book

first of all, you need to recognize the most appropriate reference book for your math subject. This is the first step to learn math on your own.

But how to identify it?

  • Ask from your teacher
  • Search in google
  • Ask your friend who already did it.

2) Get your academic curriculum.

How to learn math on your own 2

So, the next thing you must do is find your academic curriculum. Then pick your subject from the curriculum.

Okay! But why?

It’s essential to know about the background of your math subject. Therefore If you try to complete that entire reference book, it never works. Because those books are enormous.

And in most cases, we no need to follow the whole of the contents that book. So if you try to do that, it won’t work, and probably, you will waste a lot of valuable time.

How to find the academic curriculum?

Well, it’s pretty easy to find it from your school or university official website. If it’s not available, it’s better to ask your teacher. And also it should have with your teacher.

Don’t skip this step. because it is essential to learn math on your own.

3) Take out all the stuff you need to learn math

How to make math short notes 4

There are several things you need.

  • A notebook.
  • Three pens with three colors
  • Lecture materials
  • An A3 paper

I mentioned taking only three pens with three colors. Because the reason is that if your note has too many colors, it can be very confusing.

So I recommend taking blue, black, red pens. Furthermore, you have to use the color combinations appropriately in your note.

As an example,

  • you can use a red pen to underline your topics.
  • Use black color to write topics, subtopics
  • The blue color is perfect for writing the note.
  • Use symbols to immediately identify topics and subtopics.
    • Star symbols for the main topic.
    • Bullet points for subtopics
    • Use it your own way. This is just an example.
  • Use black to write equations and make a border with red. Etc.

What if I haven’t lecture materials?

Don’t worry, you already have the academic curriculum. So you can go ahead with it. But it’s better if you have lecture materials.

4) Make a mind map to learn math

Now you certainly know headings and subheadings of your subject. So make a mind map.I will add here a couple of images for mind maps for probability.

How to make math short notes mind map
full image
How to make math short notes part 1
part 1
How to make math short notes part 2
part two
How to make math short notes part 3
part 3
How to make math short notes part 3
part three

5) Start

This is the most essential part. I warn you before coming to this step, make sure to complete above all steps. make sure to stay away from distractions.

But why?

Because math is a very sensitive subject. We must learn every theory. Otherwise, it can lead to huge mistakes. I’ll give you an example below.

How to learn math on your own 5


Wait! What? 1=2? What happened there?

Obviously, the problem is that we cannot divide zero from zero. (x-x) is zero. Isn’t that so? I think you got the idea.

Now we can move on.

  • Get your books ready
  • Write down headings and subheadings the way I told in step 3.
  • Write down particular parts of those contents
  • After you write down the theory part, do some examples book itself. (it’s better to do examples which have answers. )
  • By doing the above piece, again and again, try to understand the theory correctly.
  • Now move to a couple of hard questions given in your reference book. If you have given lecture material, try to solve those problems.
  • Mark all the difficult problems.
  • When you understand that part. Now move on to the next topic.

But if I can’t understand the theory part?

If you can’t understand the theory part probably, you can search it on youtube. Most likely, there must be a video. This is because many topics of study are covered by different people.

If you are unable to find any video, then try it by googling. Most of the cases you can understand. Learn math on your own is a not simple task. therefore you have to work hard.

6) Ask problems from someone

How to learn math on your own 6
Ask problems from someone


If you found any hard questions and issues related to theories, then ask it from your teacher or your friend. Then solve your problem. Otherwise, it’s hard to go forward.

7) Teach someone | great way to learn math

How to learn math on your own 7
teach it to your friends

You probably have good knowledge of your subject. So now it’s time to teach someone. In most cases, a lot of people who can’t understand those theories and problems.

When you are teaching this to your friends,

  • You are explaining the subject
  • You answer your friends’ questions.

Teach every topic you understand without any conditions. At that movement, you may act like a teacher. So, now you have a better knowledge of that subject.

If you unable to find friends to teach?

In this case, you can try a handy method.

  • Get a whiteboard and markers.
  • Put it in a proper place in your room.
  • so now start to teach.
  • furthermore, you should think that there are students in the room. As well as think you are the teacher.

So If you can teach everything on the subject without any problem. Congratulations! You have done well. The results of your hard work will be repaid at the exam.

Work hard and win the world.


It’s tough to learn math on your own. That is a common problem around the world. So in this article, I have shared with you my 7 step guide to learn math on your own.

So, do you like to teach anyone? Or have you ever teach anyone? Share your ideas too in the comment section and let us know your experience also.

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