How to make math short notes | Quick 4 step process

Short notes are essential as you learn mathematics. This is because our class notes or reference books are too large. If you do not have short notes, doing a final math revision before the exam is very complicated.

But the problem is that most students do not know how to make math short notes. So, let’s understand my four-step process to do it correctly.

  1. Find the reference book or class notebook. 
  2. Take all the materials you need. 
  3. Make a mind map
  4. Making math short notes



1) Find the reference book and class notebook.


How to make math short notes 2
find reference books


First of all, you have to find your reference book and the class notebook from your math subject. If you haven’t a class notebook making a short note is useless. Which means you haven’t enough knowledge to make a short note.

Because we can say that a student is well versed in making math short note if he has learned the lecture at least. So you need to have a well-organized notebook, or even you have a plain notebook, it also beautiful.

The requirement is you should have knowledge about the subject.

What if I haven’t a notebook?

So if you don’t have a math notebook, you can learn your own and make your own notebook.

What if I don’t have enough time to make a note?

Now is the time to use the reference book. First of all, you have to find your academic curriculum. Then find out your math subject. Then note down it with its subtopics.

Let’s assume your subject as a probability. So now note down all the topics with their subtopics. This is enough for step one. Now step forward.

2) Take all the materials you need.

How to make math short notes 3

Here are all the materials you need,

  • A new exercise book.
  • Pens with multiple colors
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • A couple of A3 papers
  • Files
  • A4 papers

3) Make a mind map to make math short notes

So now you have all the stuff that you need. Now takeout your topics and subtopics list. Use this list to make a mind map.

I have covered this same part in “How to learn math on your own? | 7 step process “article. For your easiness, I will put it here also.

Why do we need to make a mind map in order to make math short notes?

By creating a mind map, you will see an accessible overview of your subject. So every time you learn and move forward, you can see the mind map and identify what you can and cannot do.

Now take an A3 paper and start making your mindmap.

Okay, let’s assume the subject that you are learning is Probability. You can make a mind map below.

How to make math short notes mind map
mind map
How to make math short notes part 1
How to make math short notes part 2
How to make math short notes part 3

So be sure to stick this in a place you can quickly see.

4) Making math short notes

How to make math short notes 4

Now is the time to start making the short note. Then get your class notebook. Now you have written theories and solved examples. So now get your new notebook.

  • Write titles and subtitles in perfect order.
  • Then write the exact theory part for a particular topic.
  • Don’t forget to writedown equations and special things.
  •  Now write down one or two solved examples to understand the theory.

So this way, repeat this until every subtopic is over. You will receive an excellent short note at the end.

But what if I don’t have a class notebook, can’t I make math short notes?

If you do not have a class notebook, it means that you have not studied the subject in the lecture hall. I think you haven’t enough time to make a notebook.

Don’t worry, I will help you. If you do this correctly, you probably can get high marks for the math exam.

  • When you complete step1, now you have all the topics and subtopics. And also, after the finish step3, you have a mind map.
  • You should now get your reference book.
  • Now choose your first topic and read that section in the reference book.
  • If you can understand that topic, now write the theory on your short notebook by using your own words. And don’t forget to write the equations and other special stuff.
  • Now you must understand an example given in the reference book. Then write it on the book after the theory. One or two examples are enough.
  • But understanding only two problems is not enough. Now get your file and write the subject name.
  • Now get some A4 sheets and solve about 5 or 6 problems. Be sure to put up numbers for all the problems you solve.
  • Now repeat the same process for all the topics and subtopics.


If you can’t understand some theories, try to understand them by,

  • Searching on Google
  • Searcing in youtube
  • Still unable to ask from a friend who is good at math
  • Asking your teacher.

I think now you have a pleasant and helpful short note. You can use it when the exam time comes.


When you have free time, just look at the mind map and pick a topic randomly. Then try to remember that theory part or solve one of the questions from that section.

Work hard and win the world.


If you want to do your math exam correctly, you should definitely make a short note. But how to make math short notes? Well, In this article, I have discussed a successful 4 step process to make your math short note.

So how many maks you can score for maths? Comment below and let us know.

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