How to manage time for study | 8 important tips

Hard to manage your time correctly to study? Do you want a study better with new technics? Well, keep reading and understand eight tips to solve your problem.


1) Create a todo list to manage time to study

How to manage time for study 1

What are you doing once you wakeup? Checking social media? Or whatever else? So if your answer is yes since tomorrow, make a todo list for your day. Because when you are doing work, you may forget the work you have to do next.

So by creating a todo list, you can organize your day, and you can track tasks you have to do that day.

How to manage time for study

If you want, there are mobile apps also out there for creating a todo list.

2) Prioritize your works

After creating the todo list, you have to prioritize your todo list. Because of some tasks, you have to do first. Some of them may be no emergency.

How to manage time for study

3)Get ready for the next day

Make your all stuff in the day before the night to go collage. You know if you forget something to bring, it will boil your whole day.

How to manage time for study 3

4)Use a planner to manage time

You have to get used to a planner. Because when you are going to plan a week, you may be gathered so many works which you can’t complete in the week.

You can write all the works you should do on Monday. You can divide it into relevant, other, likewise categories. So do this for whole days in the week. Try this and you will able to manage time to study.

5) Create early deadlines

So you created a todo list. Then you have prioritized the list. So now is time to put deadlines for them.

When you have set deadlines, you know precisely at what times you should complete tasks and what time you should start works.

How to manage time for study

so understand and do this in order to manage time to study

6) use reminder apps to manage time

Sometimes you may forget things you should do. So if you use a reminder app, it will be helpful to manage your time. I will put some of the reminder apps for you.

here I will put a couple of apps you can use

7) Get rid of distractions

You may be used to check social media while studying. Sometimes it may occur because of a notification. But once you went there, you may have wasted tons of time. So you can off the notification of your phone when you are studying.

It’s better if you use a forest app. You can stay focused on studies with it. it will help you to avoid distraction distractions while studying.

How to manage time for study 7

8)Give some time to yourself

As well as you are time managing, please give a little bit of time to yourself also. There must be time to do what you love. So you can stay with the hobby you love.


in this article discussed 8 tips to manage time to study.

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