How to motivate my boyfriend to study? 8 simple tips

Are you a type of girl who wants to see your boyfriend become a successful man. Well, I appreciate you. So let’s dive into the topic to understand the way you can motivate your boyfriend to study with the top 8 Tips that work quickly.


1) Tell him about his future responsibilities

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 1
future responsibilities

When you call with him, tell him about his future responsibilities.

  • Tell him that he has to look after his family in the future.
  • Understand him about expenses when both of you become a family. I know you also will help him. But understand him about it. As an examples
    • He has to buy a house
    • A car (if necessary )
    • Expenses for groceries
    • Electricity bills and water bills
    • Tax
    • Healthcare expenses
    • When it has children school fee
    •  Entertainment and much more
  • For all of the above things, understand your boyfriend about the importance of studying.

2) Tell him about the meeting with your parents.

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 2

Tell him that he has to meet your parents when the right time has come. Then tell him at that time he has to be some solid-state.

3) Make dreams and give targets to him to motivate your boyfriend

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 3
motivate my boyfriend


When you call your boyfriend, talk with him about your future dreams as a family. Discuss with him what are the places both of you are going on vacations.

Tell him that you like to see him become a boss. And I think your boyfriend will understand that you are not a gold digger. (if you have a powerful relationship) tell him about such kind of dreams.

Then understand him that he should be a good state after some years later. Tell him you need to become an important person to society. Realize him that you don’t like to see him plea to anyone.

So tell him to perform an average of 50 marks for this exam. Then the next exam increases it into 60. after that, gradually increase it. So give that kind of target to him.

4) Teach him hard lessons

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 4
Teach him hard lessons


motivate my boyfriend
Teach him hard lessons

If you take care of him, you can identify his weak subjects. Then teach him those things. So you can motivate my boyfriend to study in this way.

If your boyfriend is not like to study, he probably doesn’t want to read books. So make reading books as his favorite habit. Do you know a girl can make his boyfriend a perfect man? so start to do it right now.

5) Keep certain times to call or text with him.

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 5
Keep certain times to call or text with him


So you are thinking, “how to motivate my boyfriend to study.” Then if you are calling him every time you are a big reason for his weakness.

Discuss among both of you and understand the perfect times both of you can,

  • You can call when feeling sleepy
  • When going by bus
  • Both of you can agree to call before 30 minutes of sleep. So then what happened? Assume you are sleeping at 11 P.M. you can call him at 10.30 P.M. you both can agree to study until that time. Then anyone will not sleep early. And get used to waking up early morning and study. But be careful not to take any distraction while you are studying. So you can call early morning too to avoid sleep while studying.

6) Teach him a proper time table to motivate your boyfriend

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 6

I know you are in the mission, which is the way to motivate your boyfriend to study. So why not you make a proper timetable for him? Then give it to him and push him to work with it.

7) Ask questions from him.

How to motivate my boyfriend to study 7
Ask questions

This is a handy method you will love. Suddenly get a call and ask him that you can’t understand a part of a particular subject. Even you know it, ask it. But don’t tell him that you know it.

If he says

“don’t know,”

then tell him,

“Please, can you read and understand it and teach it to me. Because I can’t understand it”.

Then what happened is he will learn it, and he will teach you. So try this kind of little tricks. With time you will see a good improvement with him.

8) Admire him to motivate your boyfriend

Time will pass very quickly. With time he will get good improvement. And then tell him that you are delighted with it. And admire him. Then he will get more motivated, and he will become a good man to society and an excellent partner to your life.

Have a beautiful future.


If you are the kind of girlfriend who wishes the success of your boyfriend, then you are right place. If you want to motivate your boyfriend to study, I have discussed through this article 8 successful tips to do it that work quickly.

What is your favorite you are going to try most? Tell me in the comment section.

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