Why is math important? | 8 Essential Reasons

Probably most of the students have the same problem “why is math important?” even I had the same problem in my childhood. Because we are learning very hard theories and solving tough problems. What’s the reason for that.

Actually, we can’t imagine life without mathematics. Without math what will happens to,

  • Our architectures?
    • Buildings
    • Roads
    • Bridges
  • Our transportation?
    • Cars
    • Planes
    • Ships
  • Science
    • Experiments
    • Hospitals
  • Internet

Even you can’t search for your problems in search engines. So let’s understand 10 reasons why mathematics is important.

1) A powerful tool for an unpredictable life


math is a powerful tool
math is a powerful tool

Most of the jobs and hobbies that these people do today are unprecedented. We have no clue what kind of skills will be needed in the future. But based on the trends. We can predict that you will probably be

  • Creating something adding
  • Competing against everyone, everywhere in the world.

So you need to be intelligent, aware, and make connections between different areas of knowledge.

Imagine you are packing for some kind of crazy fantastic adventure. What do you bring with you? Probably useful tools, like,

  • Cell phone
  • A knife
  • A cup
  • A rope

School is how you pack for a crazy, beautiful life. Mathematics is one of the most powerful tools you can get your hands on. so you can now understand a little bit why is math important.

2) Money

Why is math important 2

The school does not exist to train you for a high paying job. But if you are looking for a six-figure salary, you are probably going to need to study math. Lists of high paying careers usually include,

  • Lawyer
  • IT professionals
  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Other medical professionals
  • Accounts
  • CEOs

Of those, only CEOs don’t explicitly need to study math to advanced level. so math important. isn’t it?

3) Math is hard


Why is math important 3
math hard

For most people, math is challenging in a way they are familiar with, and that makes it hard. Math is about reducing the world to numbers and symbols.

All the other subjects you study about injecting life and motivation into those symbols. Such as,

  • Words
  • Musical notation
  • Or any other thing.

But the fact that something is tough doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. Instead, just the opposite. By tackling challenges in school, you are learning how to take on challenging tasks later in life.

Although this isn’t the primary goal, math can sometimes serve as a credentialing system. Like on SAT.

Someone who has dedicated time, energy, and brainpower to learning math is the sort of person who is likely to do well at university or in particular jobs. Because they are going to dedicate time, energy, and brainpower again.

4) The world is becoming quantifiable


Why is math important 4

You and I in a world which is saturated with numbers. Have you ever heard about big data?

  • Stores are tracking customer purchases and targeting advertising accordingly.
  • The police are automatically tracking social media and blogs and everything else for clues about crimes and threads.
  • Anyone with a small business and a web presence is probably using google analytics to keep track of their visitors.

Look! All of this information is mathematical. If you can find patterns, you can

  •  increase sales
  • Stop terrorists
  • To reach new audiences.

We know that the ability to work with analytical data is essential to success in the future. so math important. isn’t it?

5) Citizenship

Why is math important 5

As a citizen of western-style democracy, you have, or you will have when you reach the age of majority a few responsibilities in exchange for the privileges you enjoy.

You need to,

  • Calculate and pay your taxes. ( ask from an adult if you think that’s an easy task.)
  • Voting: you need to be able to choose intelligently between political options, each of which will probably be abusing statistics to swing your vote. Your math literacy is the only line of defense against the election of a terrible government.

So we need to have a solid knowledge of mathematics to live in countries.

6) Math is true


Why is math important 6
Math is true

Of all the different systems of knowledge humans have, math is the one that has exact universal answers. That’s why we use numbers for money.

If I pay $ 100 for something and spend $ 90 for it and get $ 10 back, nobody can say that it isn’t true.

If you can identify how to express a problem mathematically and you do it correctly, you can solve it accurately. That’s a powerful tool.

As an example,

If you want to paint your home and find out how many liters it needs. So, in this case, you can get and get an overview of the area of all the walls. You can then search for the area where you can paint using a litter. So finally, find out exactly how many liters you need.

See, if you don’t calculate that you will waste a lot of money. So math is important.

7) Developing logic

Why is math important 7

If you’re lucky, your math course series has a formal logic unit. If not, you are getting these lessons only indirectly.

The ability to dissolve interpretations and create solid logical arguments is often the most potent skill you can have in convincing other people.

I know the above example is a straightforward one. But we can find answers to a lot of difficult problems by using logic.

So this kind of logic is subject to all our thoughts, beliefs, and choices. So studying math can make you a more rational person. It’s essential. so math important. isn’t it?

8) Some math is actually useful in normal life

Why is math important 8

I admit that as an if you are an adult, you can hardly sit down and count or perform a trigonometric proof to find the roots of a quadratic equation the roots of an equation.

One of the reasons we do these things is to force you to practice internalization and perfect the most basic stuff.

  • Understanding the behavior of the functions.
  • working with signs.
  • solving algebraic formulas.

Because these basic skills are the sort of things, you should be able to use. You should be able to draw the inevitable conclusion whenever you see exponential growth. Such as in a banking scam.

Next time you are dealing with numbers, and you can’t determine it, write the problem with variables like “x” and “y.” Then solve it. It really helps.

Let’s get an example,

The number of employees in a company is 60. The company can produce 220 items per day. A boy can complete 4 items per day, and a girl can complete 3 items per day.

 X = number of boys,  Y = number of girls

Find out the number of girls in the company. I hope your answer in the comment section.


A lot of students around the world have the same problem “why is math important “actually, why?

In this article, we have considered 8 reasons to learn maths. After that, you can identify how much math is important.


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